Quality servicing and repairs for your car

Quality servicing and repairs for your car

Automotive repairs should always be handled by experienced professionals. When repairs are done correctly, your car should be back to driving smoothly, comfortably, and reliably.
The team at Buderim Mechanical has the skills and equipment required to ensure that all repairs are completed flawlessly.
We can repair all makes and models of cars, and offer regular servicing that will help maintain the long and healthy life of your vehicle.
To book in your car, simply give us a call. We'll be happy to help answer your questions and provide expert advice.  
With fast turn-around times, we'll get you moving again before you know it.

Qualified car motor repairs in Buderim


Our qualified experienced mechanics have been repairing vehicles for years. When you leave your car with Buderim Mechanical you can assured that your car will be looked after by a qualified mechanic, not a technician or apprentice.
Experience is the key to quick and correct diagnosis of problems, and means faster, longer-lasting repairs. For a perfect result every time, contact Buderim Mechanical.

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Great communication

When you bring your car in to Buderim Mechanical, we'll make a fast, efficient assessment of the problem and then explain everything to you in plain language. We'll describe the issue, and clearly outline the options available to you, letting you make an informed decision about how to proceed.
We will never carry out work on your car unless we have you permission. You will never arrive to find a nasty bill with work carried out without you knowing.

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Complete vehicle maintenance and repairs from bumper to tow ball

Buderim Mechanical offers more than just quality service and repairs. We can look after diagnostics, servicing, car detailing and body repairs. We're proud to be able to offer complete car care.